how can i increase column size on an invoice ?

i wanted to see how to increse the column size so in the description column space is wider…I cannot figure it out after hours of trying…
Please help…

It’s covered in this video

Thank you for the swift response…
I do have another questions… if i email an invoice and have 2 contacts do both get emailed? after i click email invoice?

If both contacts are checked then they’ll each receive a unique link to the invoice.

Thank you…

im not too familiar with using string code so in the video it shows how to add a widt string item, do i just type it in? if yes where extactly? i followed the video but i am unable to make the changes i want…

Settings > Invoice Design > Customize

So now iget this error
Unable to set property ‘_minWidth’ of undefined or null reference
Not sure what this is… I just want more space on the description column… Im having a tough time …There has to be an easier way… I hope…

First let me say that I absolutely love Invoice Ninja… It has saved me from the hell of Freshbooks.

I would like to add a +1 to have an easier, more intuitive way to make modifications to ALL templates, including the proposals, quotes, and invoices.

The current method for making changes is difficult and error-prone… It feels as though you need to be a coder in order to make use of it. Just resizing a logo causes fits, with nothing said of more complex editing, like layering of images and shapes.

How do you make an invoice template landscape?

I’d love it if there was an open-source WYSIWYG editor that could be integrated… maybe something Libre/Open Office driven?

Adding a +100 for branto’s comment. Havin a hard time here customizing although in complete agreeance with branto. Came from WaveApps which was an absolute nightmare.

Is there any way to allow the description of each line item to flow across multiple columns?

Currently the text is constrained to the size of the Description columns… resizing the column helps a little but theres still a lot of unused real estate under the quantity, rate, and Line Total that would be great to be able to utilize.

Thank you

For proposals we use a WYSIWYG editor:

There are HTML WYSIWYG editors however the HTML to PDF conversion is never 100% accurate. We use which renders directly to PDF, for accuracy I believe this is the best solution.

If you know of better open source web based solution we’re open to suggestions.

I should add. we’re an extremely small team so need to pick and choose our battles.

Our general approach is to try to make the common easy and the uncommon possible.

Right on. Understood. :wink: Thanks!