How can I get all sales data (products and quantity at least) for a client in one place?

Hello All. I need to find all of the products sold to a certain client so that I can compare the product name, description if possible and quantity to another sales sheet and see if the data matches. I thought this would be straight-forward, it probably is , just not to me so I uttered the famous last words that “I’ll get that done by the afternoon”. It is nearly then and I am the opposite of done - when I got al the data together (as described below) and compared numbers they were so far off that I realized that I had not actually retrieved all of the products sold to that client, wasn;t even close.

So, again , the important part is to look up a client on Invoice Ninja and get all products and quantity sold to them. I may have gone about it in a very slow , counter-rpoductive way - it certainly did not work but I looked up the client and found (what I thought/what seems to be) all of the invoices issued to this particular client. I then copied and pasted all line items , one by one, to a spreadsheet in order to create a pivote table so I could compare that to the sheet I was given and compare quantities.

I sincerely appreciate any guidance which can be offered as I am in complete panic now with about two hours left until have to present nothing (may as well just show an empty Excel sheet and ask them to imagine what it would like if I knew what I was doing). So I really appreciate you all taking the time to read this , please advise if I can answer any questions or share further information which would assist.

Please help and thank you so much


Can you confirm which version of the app you’re using?

You can use the invoice item report to see all products sold.