How can I configure a QR for Bank Transfert


I am trying to configure the payement method.
Under payment setting (default payment type), I choose Bank Transfer because excepted for paypal, thereIs it provided by is no gateway for my country.

When I send a invoice, the client (me) receive an e-mail and I can go to the client portail.
As I configure one gateway, I can pay with paypal, but why the bank transfert is not shown?
However, under Gateway, I saw I can create a custom gateway. I can give a name and Text. But what can I do more with it. The text can be my EBAN

If the client chose bank transfert, he should be able to have a QR code, but how can I create a QR code and integrate to my invoice?

In company detail, I saw a field QR EBAN. Is it provided by my bank, and does will generate a QR code?

What’s the difference between Mobile Bank Transfer and Bank Transfer?

Additionally, I see I can create a bank account, but I only can create a name. What can I do with it? Is only for record when a payment is done there?



The default payment type is for manual payments, accepting an online bank transfer requires setting up a payment gateway which supports it.

The info here on QR codes may help:

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Thanks a lot for your help

I am trying to add a QR code into an offer instead of a invoice, because I would the client to pay in advance a percent of the amount.

I added $swiss_qr into the offer template, but it does not work. the text $swiss_qr is display instead of the QR code with the partial mount to be paied

Is it possible to do that? Is there a different way to do that?

@david can you please advise?

While I edit my offer desing, I am suprise to see that (the word Facture (Invoice) at the bottom)

Should I not see Offer (Offre) instead of Invocie (Facrure)?

I created my offer design based on my Invoice design. I guess the new design kept invoice settings?

We only support the swiss qr variable in invoices. Would it be usual to use this in a quote/offer?

Onnestly, I do not know. As I am asking a 40% before the start of the job, I got the idea to add an QR for the 40% amount. That’s the reason why I tried it. But in other sense, I can send a invoice for that amount. It’s not a bif issuer of it’s not support.

But, it higlighted. As I create a offer design, startit from an invoice template, I was wondering if the fact to read “Facture” instead of “Offer”, if that an issue. Behing the Invoice design, would have some coding from invoice design?


We use the same designs, but we just switch the translations of the type of document, so we can use a single design for invoice / quote / credit / purchase orders etc.