How can I apply tax to partial due instead of subtotal?

I’m trying to split an invoice in two payments, but I’m having difficulties figuring it out. Let’s say I have a 100€ invoice that I want to split into two 50€ payments. I make the invoice and I set the partial due to 50€. The tax is minus seven percent for income tax. In the invoice, the tax is applied to the subtotal, so -7€, for a 93€ total. Even if I divide the partial due from the 93€ (after tax), and write 46.5 as partial due, the client will still receive two invoices with 7€ of taxes each, which would be confusing and they might end up paying 14€.

Can’t I apply the tax to the partial due instead, so each invoice has the correct tax for that payment?

Maybe I’m getting all of this backwards, I don’t know. How am I supposed to do this, if what I want to do is not possible?


Have you tried using the inclusive tax rate option on Settings > Tax Rates, you may want to test it in a new company

I tried just in case, but that also applies to the subtotal, doesn’t affect the partial due either.

Sorry, it may not be supported

Oh, that’s a shame. Hope it gets included on a future update. It’s such a small thing, but kind of a deal breaker for my workflow. Anyway, thanks for your help, have a nice one!