How can i add a tax field in the invoice line item ?

i am trying to add a tax field and a discount field in the line item on an invoice and quote? Not sure how to go about doing that, i tried everything i know.
Can you help me out?

You can enable line item taxes on Settings > Tax Rates.

You can specify which fields are show on Settings > Invoice Design > Product Fields.

i have that set but it is not showing up in the invoice customized settings .
anyone have 30 min to rework a template that has the Tax field added and adjust margins ?
ill zelle you some funds for the help … i would be most grateful .

You can configure the total fields on Settings > Invoice Design > Total Fields

rebooted seem to resolve the missing field - however
i need to charge taxes on all items in order for it to show up ?

meaning if i leave the tax field empty in invoice creation but have the taxes selected at the item level
it charges taxes correctly but does not show taxes.

if i then have the tax field set in the total filed it does show up . however we dont charge tax on labor so then it gets wonkie cause the tax amount is incorrect.

what i need is to charge tax at the item level and then have that be totaled at the total level .

i can get it to sorta work lol . if i remove the taxes from the item level and leave the non taxable items
just how most accounting systems do this is by tracking the items not the invoice .

but i think i can make it work its just alot more policing invoice charges then i would preffer.