How can I adapt a template only for the offers


I understand now how work the template (at least partially :slight_smile: ) I unerstand that the template are the same for a invoice and for an offer, but the HTML tags are applied for an invoce or for an offer, isn’t?

I tried to add a div#term here, below $status_logo

<div id="table-totals" cellspacing="0">$status_logo</div>
<div id="term" style="margin-top:50px"> here come the term</div>

and I would like to add some text and I could use some Invoice parameters to print the client name, the amount of the offer, ect.

My question is how can I activate the div#term for the offers only and hide it for the invoice and other?

Is there a condition of a class for the offers?

Many thanks


@david is this supported with Twig?

I think I get the answer

I could create two or more new templates and I add my terms or I custom it
eco_invoce for the invoices
eco_offer for the offers


Apparently, the approach work. What do you think?

That should work.

I believe in the latest version it may be possible to use a single design.

Yes, with Twig, you’ll be able to add in condiitional statement which will allow you to show hide content using

{% if %}
{% else %}
{% endif %}

This is planned for the 5.8 release.

Thankls a lot. Your App is great
I have several question but I do not if I should create one post each of them. I will create one and may be split them later