Hours tracked vs units billed

I bill some contracts by page or word count. My workflow would be to create an invoice, as usual, from the project/task time records; add a product to cover what the client expects as the billing basis; then delete the time records.

Having just done this, I noticed that status of the tasks had not changed upon issuance of the invoice. For unrelated reasons, I had cloned and deleted my original invoice. So now I’m wondering what broke the connection between the tasks and the invoice. Was it:

  • my fumbling while creating the invoice, and having to clone/replace it? or
  • the original deletion of the task/time line items from the invoice in favor of a product line item?

Be that as it may, is there an option to manually change the status of tasks or projects to “invoiced,” if for whatever reason the link between the tasks and the invoice is broken (or never existed)?

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You may be able to add the task to an invoice, save the invoice and then remove the task?

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OK, thanks, that might work. (I take it, as seemed likely, there’s no direct toggle for changing status.)

I have a few more of these to get out tomorrow, so I can report back if I can resolve the original ambiguity about the source of the disconnect.

Not a big deal in any case; for my purposes I could use archiving as a workaround. Just trying to learn to use the system as efficiently and, well, systematically as possible.

Correct, there isn’t a way to manually flag it as invoiced. Tasks have an invoice id field, when it’s set the task is considered invoiced.

Confirming it works to basically clone/adapt the task data into a product entry, then delete the task data. It’s slightly fiddly, since each fixed product comes with its last use-description attached. I’m guessing most users would want it that way, and my use is an outlier. Be all that as it may, it works well enough, and thanks!

You can disable the auto-update product feature in the settings

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OK, thanks, I’ll check that out.