hot to install ninja invoice on localhost on windows in a subfolder

Hello there,
are there any instructions on how to install ninjainvoice on localhost and online in a subfolder through a simple browser installer.

The simplest way to install the app is to either use Bitnami or Softaculous.

Thank you Hillel,
I noticed bitnami and softaculous but I don’t think they are what I am looking for.
I understand Bitnami package installs the entire environment VM, apache etc etc. while softaculous works online through cpanel (which I don’t use)
I was more after a guide explaining how to download the package, create the DB, go to and install it.
I use xampp offline and I don’t want to change my apache setup because in the same root I have many websites.

Have you seen this guide?

All of our install resources are available here:

I noticed that blog post however what is not clear to me is this part here >>
Configure Apache Web Server

Open the default sites configuration file
    sudo nano /etc/apache2/sites-available/000-default.conf
Change the DocumentRoot line to the ‘public’ sub-folder of the ninja folder. Then add a directory rewrite for the folder
    DocumentRoot /var/www/ninja/public
    <Directory /var/www/ninja/public>
    AllowOverride All

I believe that if I modify the DocumentRoot of apache all other site wont work.

You are correct, to support multiple sites you’ll want to use Virtual Hosts

thank you Hillel,
I used to be able to install Ninjainvoice on my local machine by simple following instructions posted on your website (create the DB, copy files to my folder and edit the config file was enough)

Can I ask what’s the advantage of this settings change? I hope this will be reversed so that everyone can simply run the installer from the browser without having to worry about changing apache configuration.

There are many ways to setup the site, whichever approach worked in the past should still work.

If you copy the zip to a web directory you’ll likely have to access the site using…, by using Virtual Hosts you can map the webroot to the public folder to remove /public from the URL.

Hi Metrics,

in Apache you can create another site by either copying the 000-default.conf or creating a new configuration file.

For example, you can copy the default conf file using the following code

sudo cp /etc/apache2/sites-available/000-default.conf /etc/apache2/sites-available/invoiceninja.conf

Then you can move the Invoice Ninja folder into a new location such as /var/www/ninja and change the DocumentRoot in your new configuration to match the new folder location and add the overrides.

Once all the changes are made, enable the site using the following command:
sudo a2ensite invoiceninja

Finally, restart Apache.
sudo service apache2 restart

This is a much more simplified version of the instructions in the digital ocean site.

If you only want the service on a single computer, then you may want to look into installing XAMPP on a computer: XAMPP Website.

Good Luck