Hosted version V4 still sending invoices after migration

Hi All,

I’m sending recurring invoices to a couple of companies. I needed to migrate from V4 to V5 in the hosted environment. I don’t have a custom domain or anything.
I clicked “Migrate” and was told the process would happen in the background automatically, but I didn’t know that I also needed to activate the company in the V5 version, after a while I figured that out, that seemed to do the trick and I thought that would be the complete migration.

The thing is, I’m getting complaints now that the companies I send invoices to, are receiving two invoices. The old ones and the new ones. I can see that some seem to still originate from V4 because the prices have changed. So it seems as though v4 is still somehow active.

I have logged in to v4, but whatever I do, I get redirected to the settings, where the “migrate” button is still visible. I can’t find a way to somehow stop V4 from sending any more invoices.

The best thing would be if I can delete the V4 accounts all together, but I’m not sure if that would also delete stuff in V5 (if the data is copied, or coming from the same source)

Can anybody give me some pointers on how to disable V4 completely, or at least stop it from sending any more invoices?


There should be an option in v4 to enable forwarding.

@david can you please advise?

Enable forwarding is the way to disable v4