Horizontal scrollbars missing

When you are using more columns than the widht of your screen, you don’t get horizontal scrollbars.
Is this a setting that i missed…



The scrollbar should appear if you hover over the bottom of the table.

I see only the vertical one on the right… nothing at the bottom…
Using Google Chrome, I’ll try some other browsers…


Not sure, I see it in Chrome

Tried in Edge and Chrome…
No horizontal scrollbars… or do i something wrong?


You need to scroll down (or reduce the number of rows) to see the horizontal scroll bar.

Ok Hillel,

Is it normal i have a bunch of empty lines before the scrollbars appear?


That will happen if you’ve selected to show more rows than there are.

The issue is being tracked here: Blank rows shown if there are not enough entries to display · Issue #492 · invoiceninja/admin-portal · GitHub

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