History of last invoice created by recurring invoice

In v4 in the edit view under any recurring invoice there was a link to the last invoice that was created using the recurring invoice. I can’t seem to find this anywhere in v5 and was curious if it was just hidden somewhere or if the functionality was removed.

If this functionality is no longer available what is the easiest way to find an invoice that was created using the recurring invoice feature?



In the desktop app you can filter the invoice list by the selected recurring invoice.

We’ll look into copying the behavior from v4.

cc @david @ben

Thanks for the quick response. So with the desktop app are you saying that I can view what invoice was created by the recurring invoice? Or was it that I can just view the open invoices and filter by recurring?

I’m specifically looking for a way to determine the exact invoice that was created by a recurring invoice without having to go through all of the open invoices with a client

If you view the recurring invoice in the desktop app there’s an option to view all of the invoices it has generated.