High CPU load on any Web activity on Invoice Ninja v5

Hi, I’ve migrated to v5 and seeing a huge continuous CPU spikes on any activity in the new Web interface.
UI elements freeze also.
It makes working with the service practically impossible.

Ubuntu 21.10, Firefox.


It could be that WebGL is disabled. We’re working on a new web interface built with React which will perform better. Until then you may want to consider using the desktop app.


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Thanks for a quick answer!
I’ll try it for sure, until then, I have to say there are no spikes in Chromium.

I checked FF about:support page and seeing a multiple problems there, so the issue might be on my side indeed:

Compositing WebRender (Software)
Asynchronous Pan/Zoom wheel input enabled; scrollbar drag enabled; keyboard enabled; autoscroll enabled; smooth pinch-zoom enabled
WebGL 1 Driver WSI Info -
WebGL 1 Driver Renderer WebGL creation failed:
* WebglAllowWindowsNativeGl:false restricts context creation on this system. ()
WebGL 1 Driver Version -
WebGL 1 Driver Extensions -
WebGL 1 Extensions -
WebGL 2 Driver WSI Info -
WebGL 2 Driver Renderer WebGL creation failed:
* AllowWebgl2:false restricts context creation on this system. ()
WebGL 2 Driver Version -
WebGL 2 Driver Extensions -
WebGL 2 Extensions -
Window Protocol xwayland

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It seem known recent problem with snapped FF not being able to run on Wayland natively:

Interesting, thanks for sharing this!

As stated above, there is ongoing work to fix this on stable snap channel.
Until then, switching to candidate fixed the problem for me.