Hiding optional fields

Is there a way to hide fields that are empty in the invoice template ?

For example only a few of our clients have a VAT number, so we’d like to hide that line instead of showing a line saying "VAT : "

I assume you’ve specified individual fields, was it to add the 'VAT: ’ label?

You need to use the field stacks (ie, $clientDetails) to have fields automatically hidden.

I should have been more clear. It’s mostly about custom invoice fields. For example we show “Remarks :” and then show the public_notes. But if there aren’t any, the label shouldn’t appear.

If “Remarks:” is hardcoded in the custom design we don’t have a way to prevent it from being displayed.

Is there any way to have an if-statement of some kind ?

Another example is that on invoices, we show “Please pay before : 08/12/2017” but on quotes that statement makes no sense…

We don’t support if statements, maybe you could use multiple custom designs?

Is there a way to hide customer email addresses on invoices?


Yes, you can change the list of fields shown on the PDF on Settings > Invoice Design > Invoice Fields