Hide Side Bar Items in Portal

Hi, I’ve been scrolling and clicking around in Invoice Ninja for some time to get rid of some unused items in the client portal. Haven’t had any luck doing this so I thought I’d ask you guys.

i’d like to only keep the Invoices and payment sections as the rest is irrelevant for my case.

Is this possible? Any tips on how to achieve this?




It may be possible using custom CSS.

I only see Customize header and footer sections, no main body css code to customize

If you use the desktop or mobile app you’ll see the field.

@david it looks like it needs to be added to the React app.

Thanks for your feedback.

Sorry to hear this is only available with css. Seems like a very basic thing to be able to uncheck these items that don’t apply to clients without having to code it together from out end.

Feel free to create an issue to request the feature be added.

OKay, I will. Thanks

We tried adding custom CSS but is seems that it isn’t loaded.

The CSS changes doesn’t get applied. Even with further inspection inspection in the viewport of the webbrowser it doesn’t show up.

@david can you please advise?