Help with applying multiple credits to multiple bills

Hi, I have a client with outstanding bills for amounts .48, 14.90, 12.52, 12.12, 5.83, 6.29, 4.30 and 6.47 which totals 62.91
I created 2 credit notes for 2 separate payments 27.90 and 35.01 (actually the second payment was for 37.99 but I adjusted this and will make a 3rd credti for 2.98(
I have tried entering a payment for the client by selecting all of the invoices, and then setting payment type to credit and then selecting the 2 credit notes. The total shown on screen is 62.91 for the invoices and 62.91 for the credit, when I try and save I get the message: The credit amount cannot be greater than the payment amount.
I have tried leaving the ‘Amount’ field blank, and also tried entering 62.91 but get the same issue.


Can you please post a screenshot of the new payment details screen?

Thanks, I see the problem. We’ll include a fix with the next release.

ah, that’s great, any idea when as I could wait until then and test!

Are you using the web or desktop app?

that was using the desktop app on a mac

The fix will probably be available sooner in the Flutter web app but will be included in the next update to the macOS app.