Help, PHP updated to 7.4 and InvoiceNinja not working!


Softaculous isn’t showing any necessary updates, but I needed to update the PHP to the latest version on my hosting, and now InvoiceNinja isn’t working. I have two pieces of webwork to do today and two other billings to send out. Is it ok if I do a fresh install from softaculous or will that overwrite my data? Or should I be doing something via FTP to fix it?

It appears the phone app is still communicating, so I’ll try to use that for now.

Nope, phone app can view, interact, but not save. I think the php update messed with code needed for communication with the database. Were you planning any kind of update for that next? If so, how soon?

AFAIK, PHP 7.4 isn’t supported yet. But you should be able to roll back to 7.3 pretty easily using the controls your hosting provider gives you.

I rolled back to 7.3, and had to enable a few things in addition to mysql, now its working again. Thanks for the tip.