Help me figure this out!

I’m finding the platform really confusing. I simply want to create an invoice and send it. I don’t know what I’m missing but there’s no place to put in amounts or itemized details. I’ve been playing around with this for hours thinking it’s going to reveal itself but no luck. Please tell me that there’s some kind of tutorial or something.


I’m not sure, you should be able to type in the line item details.

Which version of the app are you using?

Hi Dom
I too find some of the places setting are hidden confusing and the processes are a bit weird at first.

My guess would be that you need to start by creating at least one Customer / Client who you want to invoice and probably at least one product that you are selling or charging for.

The Customer will carry their address and contact details plus other info that is constant for them across all invoices (their tax reg etc).

Similarly the Product gives description and price per item or unit of service.

Under Settings (on left of my web screen) you should find “Advanced Settings” which includes Invoice Settings. On there you can customise some features of the invoices - but this is limited unless you have a paid plan, when you get access to more.

One word of warning: on the Invoice Settings pages, the “X” markers by fields remove that field from the list, They are NOT there for selections. This catches me out every time.

All that being said, I think there was some sort of tutorial in the docs when I first started.

Good luck!

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