Help Locating Client dropdown

Anyone can assist in helping me locate the code php/blade that renders the dropbox in the top right corner to the left side of the user name profile button?

I am trying to modify it, but not sure which blade/layour renders it. thank you!


Can you explain how you’re using the app? Just want to ensure you’re within the terms of the license.

I want to modify the dropdown to make it wider as well as change the font size and additional cs/html changes.

Looks like it @extends(‘’). But having issues tracking down how its rendered in. Thank you

One option may be to define custom JS/CSS on Settings > Client Portal > Customize.

If you make manual changes it will make it harder to update to new releases.

For example, there is a issue. I need to make it also scrollable as if there are more than 20+ users there is no way to scroll down to click them.

That sounds like a bug, feel free to create an issue here: