Having an impossible time importing literally everything

I imported my invoices, after fighting with the program to understand the csv file, and now when I try to import the payments, invoice ninja will create a bunch of blank No Contact Set clients and record none of the payments matching existing invoice numbers, but record the invoice payments that have typos and do not match an existing invoice.

When I import the expenses, no matter how I format the date all of the expenses are marked as having been made today.

The website says if you have the Pro account you can sync your bank account, but when you try to actually do it, a message comes up that it’s only for the enterprise accounts. I upgraded, but I don’t see any of my banking stuff anywhere.


Sorry for the trouble! If you can send a link or screenshot for where the bank feature is mislabelled we’ll make sure it’s corrected.

Are you logging in at https://app.invoicing.co? You may want to try https://invoicing.co or the desktop app: OS tools - Invoice Ninja

@david do you have any suggestions for the import?

I’m using both invoicing.co and the desktop program for win 10.

This page, Pricing - Invoice Ninja has “Connect Banks & Sync Transactions” with a green checkmark under Pro.

Oh, I see.

Enterprise and Pro switch places halfway down, but keep the same color.

I see what you mean. That’s confusing, we’ll correct it.

@david may have suggestions for the import. If you haven’t already you may want to try https://app.invoicing.co

Hi Beau,

If you are attempting to import invoices with matching payments, you can do this all from a single file.

I’ve attached a sample file that you can use to import, and also a screen cast showing the steps and column matching.

Payment Template.csv (292 Bytes)

import_template.csv (579 Bytes)