Have to clear cache over and over again

It may help to add ?clear_local=true to the URL to get back to the login screen

Tahx ! but no luck with that.
Meanwhile we have moved to the paid PRO solution hosted by invoiceninja
We used several versions on our own hosting.
Works very well but sometimes some issues after updates.
Hopefully no more worries. is this support also by you ?
We are now in the process of moving templates. I suppose the source coude should be copied manually ?

Second question:
with a hosted solution there can only be one login we use 2FA
So when we lose cellphone there is no possibility to reset password with a second user; With a self hosted we could have a second user or reset through the database;
So the only possibility is to contact support in that case …
should be practical to have a free second user just as an admin (like an admin in o365 who does not need a license)

Yes, we provide support for hosted and selfhosted users.

The phone number for the user is used as a backup for 2FA access.