Have I been hacked?

Self hosted, V5, behind SSL

I have had a random customer entry appear in my list of clients that I did NOT add:


Any idea how this entry appeared? Makes me feel as though our data is not safe as well…

Input appreciated.


@david any thoughts to debug this?

Do you have client registrations enabled in the client portal?

Aha, yes. Is there an entry for me to view that confirms this was a self-registration?

I’m not sure, @david can you please advise?

In the meantime, thank you for the most likely answer. I’ve disabled self-registration for now.

Does the self registration require confirmation of the email address by the user?


This looks like a client registration form has been submitted.

The registration doesn’t enforce any confirmations.

Thank you much for the explanations, I’ve disabled client registration in the settings and hope that solves any future issues.

Best Regards!