Has the docker image stopped updating? PDF generation fails also

I notice it’s been 19 days now on the v5 tag and no updates:

PDF generation has also just stopped working in IN for some reason (running v5 on docker). Customer s literally can’t view invoices at all. This is more serious than I had thought.

Log says this (all of this worked as recently as mid-nov 2021 - not clear what update might have broken it):

I have PhantomJS disabled in my .env file.

Also seeing this in the logs too - though IN has been operating.

I dropped back to the :5.3.32 version of IN and the PDF generation works and then stops working. It’s become super flaky. It’s all started after using a working system for some time. I now can’t generate, create or even view invoices to send to customers. Wild.

Something interesting too -I can get the invoice with no issues by going directly to the URL of the failed invoice - such as https://mydomain.com/phantom/invoice/a4O6xxxxxxxNRVCqhIvwtFjM4QFcjFT?phantomjs_secret=secret

I don’t understand what’s broken here.


If the PDF works and then stops working the most common reason is exceeding the limit of Phantom JS cloud using an anonymous key.

You can increase the limit by creating a free account with them or change to SnapPDF.

I’ll take a look and see if that’s it. Thanks for getting back to me. I also see the docker image has been updated too. Great.

Waiting for 5.3.49 Docker container update.

Thanks for it.

@david @lalop

Please update Docker image to latest.



If we tag the docker build PDF generation will break.

There is an issue upstream with Chromium that is causing PDF corruption. We need to look into changing the dependencies so that we pull in chrome, until this has been done there would be too much risk tagging the dockerfile version .


Sorry, I didn’t know there were problems with the latest version.

Thanks for commenting. :wink:

Ah.,. so something is going on. Good to know.

I’ve had a look into this, and it looks like the Dockerfile uses a different version of Chromium, i’ve tagged 5.3.54 so you should be able to upgrade without any issues.

So, I taggedt the docker image to :5.3.54 and updated - v5.3.54-C75 specifically. It looks like PDFs are generating alright on first look. Where do we go from here? Will you let us know when we can update to the :latest tag or if there is some other path @david ?



Thanks for testing, this means that the Dockefile isn’t affected at all by the snappdf issue affecting other users. You are now on the latest version :slight_smile:

That’s interesting. One thing I will mention is that I added this to my .env file:


It was a few days ago now… hard to remember.

It’s possible that the original .env template didn’t include the explicit mention of not using PhantomJS… Not sure if this might help others with this issue, but it might be worth a try.

For me pdf generation is working too with latest image.

Thanks @david .

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Looking at the Dockerfile, it appears we override everything and force the chromium binary, so it looks like the Dockerfile is 100% dependent on chromium.