GST Tax Calculation for India


I am from India. Wanted to know if GST(Goods & Services Tax) invoices can be generated in Invoice Ninja?

As it is not a straight forward calculation, will we be able to calculate it through custom fields?


The app supports defining up to 3 line item taxes.

You could use a custom surcharge to a manually set the tax amount.

Hi Hillel,

Thank you for your quick response.

It is not similar to surcharge. Here that tax rates are different for different products and tax type changes varies with respective to inter/intra state billing.

In GST, we have 4 different tax rates 5%, 12%, 18%, and 28%. GST is an over all tax on the respective product. This tax will be classified as IGST(100% of GST) if it is an intra-state transaction. If the transaction is inter-state, then CGST(50% of GST) and SGST(50% of GST) should be shown in the invoice as final tax calculation.

The problem with manual tax, each time invoice is prepared I need to modify the taxes as per inter/intra state.

How to handle this ?

I think you’d need to manually configure the taxes for the invoices.

We recently added an auto-tax feature, feel free to create an issue to request that support for India be included.

Sure, Thank you. I will raise the issue.


I have tried all the custom tax options to my knowledge to implement GST taxation. But, I couldn’t replicate.

Below are the two challenges I am facing.

  1. Unable to calculate “Total IGST” if mixed type of tax products are there.

  2. Unable to change the tax type depending on the client type.

Unless the tax calculation issues are resolved, I am unable to use my account properly. Request your support.