{$group_counter} not recognized

I would like to use the $group_counter for invoices. As soon as I transfer the group_counter into the number scheme I get the error message:

To use $client_counter please add either $client_number or $client_id_number to prevent conflicts

When I combine the group_counter with the client id or counter (like asked) the value of the client_counter is used instead of the value of the group_counter:

Ex. {$group_counter}-{$client_counter} results in 002-002 as invoice number.

Error repetition is possible:

It should be possible to use only the group_counter, without adding the client id.

Best regards Stefan


@david any thoughts?

@hillel, i think the error message is being thrown by flutter?

Hmm… is {$group_counter}-{$client_counter} a valid pattern?

From my point of view {$group_counter} alone should work without issues.

Each group has its own counter, if invoices are created for both groups they could end up with conflicting numbers.

I thought thats exactly the idea. That each group has its own group counter. Why else provide this variable?

It’s useful that each group has its own counter but it needs to be combined with $counter to ensure that invoices don’t end up with the same number.

This sounds logical, but it doesn’t work either. And if I use the client_counter, the group_counter value is the same like the client_counter.


The system will prevent any combination which enables duplicates. That is why we force a unique constraint to be included when using group or even client counters.

I understand this point. But does that mean I can’t use the Group Counter at all? But why is it offered for the numbering scheme?

Or can I use it. Which scheme will work then? I need a solution to create invoice numbers that are consecutive. The scheme does not matter. But the number must be sequential for each department separately. Unfortunately the customer counter is too short thought here, because both departments invoice the same client. So in my understanding, the group counter looks like my best solution. But it does not work.

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I do see an issue with group counters, i’m checking in a fix, and will tag a release shortly.