Gross Taxable Sales

Invoice Ninja white label self-Hosted, 4.5.3

I need to run a report giving total Gross Sales of taxable items.

In Quickbooks this would be the Sales Tax Liability report, giving me a taxable sales column.

The Tax report gives me total tax collected (and optionally invoice total, but any invoice with taxable item, will have non-taxable labor, which would cause me to pay more sales tax to my state), but not the total.

What I have been doing, is running the Tax Report for a given month. This gives me total tax Invoiced/Collected.

Taking that total and dividing by my tax rate.

I.e. My total collected sales taxes is 500.00.

500 / 5.3% (.053) = Total Gross Taxable Sales of $9,433.96…

Anyway to include this on the tax report, I’ve nearly almost submitted the incorrect amount to my state for taxable sales?


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