Grey Screen of death after update to v5.5.10

Hey Support,
I upgraded to the latest v5.5.10 and now I don’t have access to the admin side of things or at least I am not presented with the log on screen. I performed the artisan optimize:clear command but I’m stuck at the grey screen of death on the admin. I tested the client portal with my test account and that works fine.

Some specs:
Ubuntu Server: LAMP stack with PHP 8.1 (latest patch level)

Please advise me where to look for issues.

Interestingly enough the ninja client is working. It’s just the the web gui as its stuck in grey screen of death at the moment. Not sure where to look or find the error for the web gui. Any pointers?


We’re looking into this issue, you can see more details here.

I am getting the same error reported in the git hub via the browser console of Firefox:

Loading failed for the with source “”.

Yes my install is in a sub folder but this was working fine prior to the upgrade to v5.5.10. My apache2 configuration didn’t change.

To add my APP_URL is correct in the .env file.

I updated to 5.5.21 last night and my issue was fixed. Thanks you team!

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