Gravity Forms, Recurring invoice, Stripe and API


I have installed InvoiceNinja(White label) and so far I am really impressed with the software. It’s doing mostly everything I need and the multiple company is a blessing because I own a few websites.

Here’s what I’m willing to do. I hope you tell me InvoiceNinja can manage it.

I have a form on my website where my customer can register to a service that is being paid monthly. I’m doing that with GravityForms, it’s fairly easy and it manages the auto-billing with Stripe.

That works… but I don’t have a proper accounting of it and can’t really send invoice. I want to integrate it with InvoiceNinja.

First step. Create the customers through the API. I don’t see much problem with that.

Second step. Create the recurring invoice through the API. Again I’m not seeing much problem with that.

But, will InvoiceNinja be able to pick up with the auto billing that have been setup with GravityForms? Can I send him the Stripe transaction id or something? I would like to automate the process and the customer should always receive an invoice that has been flagged as paid.

I hope you understand what I mean as english is not my mother tongue.

Thanks a lot.


If you setup auto billing in Stripe then Invoice Ninja will not be aware of the invoices, however you should be able to accomplish this by setting up auto-billing in Invoice Ninja when creating the recurring invoice.

Note: to use recurring invoices on a self host install make sure you’ve enabled the recurring invoice cron.

Let me know if this doesn’t answer your question.

It answer my question. Thanks