Graph showing other results based on time format

I’m using invoiceninja v5 installed using docker-comose.
I noticed that charts (both in flutter as in react) do not show the correct values.
Digging through an older thread I read it had to do with the date notation. And indeed, I’m using dd/mm/yy and switching it to mm/dd/yy did the trick. Changing to some other notations gave me even other results.


The issue you linked to is for the v4 app, I’m not aware of this problem affecting the v5 app.

Can you please provide more details?

Taking this screenshot I noticed the language has also an impact. My app is in Dutch (Nederlands)

This is using mm/dd/yyyy

This is using dd/mm/yyyy

Does changing the date format also change the charts in the Flutter app?

No in the Flutter version everything looks normal.
See below:
The first chart is mm/dd/yyyy
Second chart is dd/mm/yyyy
language both still Dutch

@david do you have any suggestions?