Hi, I have Problems to set up gocardless Error 400. Can please help me anyone step by step. maybe in German ?

Are you self hosting or using invoiceninja.com? There was a problem without GoCardless integration however it should be fixed in our latest self-host release. We hope to deploy to invoiceninja.com in about 10 days.

I use the Self Host Version 2.5 lastest maens ?

I updated on but gocardless gives error 400 invalid client.Need i the Gocardless pro plan to use it ?

Can you check that ‘test mode’ is correctly set depending on whether you’re using test credentials.

Yes Test mode is on but i dont know what fill where in . Is client id the short number or the long from app.I think is my mistake,so please send me a step by step instructions only for secure.


I’m not certain of the settings, I’ll work on getting a test account setup.

Thank you

Hi this is from GoCardless Support:

Hi Michael,

Thanks for getting in touch.

Unfortunately, Invoice Ninja currently only has an integration with the previous version of our API. You’d need our old style credentials – which wouldn’t currently be available to an organisation registered on our newer product.

Apologies for nay inconvenience – let me know if you have any further questions here.

Kind regards,


Thanks, that’s useful to know. We use Omnipay to handle our payment gateway integrations, we’ll need to wait on the driver to support their new API.