GoCardless SEPA Integration for Recurring invoices

I have currently self-hosted Invoice Ninja v5 installed, but I cannot figure out how to set up the GoCardless with SEPA for recurring invoices.

I have already customer and invoiced them using recurring invoice, but I want to integrate them all to SEPA, so the invoice amount gets deducted automatically without me doing anything.

I want to send all customers an email asking them to add their IBAN for invoicing, and then automatically when the invoices get send out the money gets deducted from their account automatically.

I have already added a webhook and everything but I am stuck in the reucrring part as there are no tutorials available.



Have you added GoCardless on Settings > Payment Settings > Configure Gateways?

Yeah I did add the Gateway, I tried sending an invoice to myself using a test account. I can pay the invoice using the client dashboard and also add the IBAN as it redirects me to gocardless after clicking on pay now but thats to many steps to add IBAN, as I want to ask all my customer to add the IBAN and afterwards sending invoices and charge them using the sepa mandat.

@david is that supported?

The reason for this is, gocardless has a waiting time of atleast 3 days before we can charge using SEPA.

Once the mandate is approved the token can then be used to auto bill in the future

Thanks for the response David, but is there a way to send customers an email before an invoice is created, so they can add their IBAN, so a mandate can be created.

And also how do I can, I use the mandate after it’s approved for recurring invoices?


There isn’t a way to send a generic email from within the application before an invoice has been created.

Once the mandate has been approved, it is stored on file as a payment method. As long as you have auto billing enabled, the auto billing engine with attemp to use the payment method on file.