GoCardless Integration & Classification

Hey, just started using the self-hosted version are there any plans to properly integrate GoCardless its currently using the legacy gocardless api so I can’t set it up as I have a new GoCardless account? E.g. to setup a direct debit mandate then to auto take payments from generated invoices? It would also be good if GoCardless wasn’t classed as a card payment (as its direct debits) so I could have Stripe (for card payments) and GoCardless for direct debits?

Also does anyone know if you can build your own plugins/modules? Then potentially if the above isn’t planned I could build something myself?

We hope to support this in the future but aren’t able to provide an ETA.

Getting this to work would require adding this Omnipay driver:


The steps to get started are here:


If you want to look into it I’d be happy to provide support.

Hi both,
if you need a hand decyphering the driver or spot any issues just raise a ticket in Git :slight_smile:


Any update on using GoCardless with self hosted ninja?

It’s now supported.