gocardless and different currencies / countries

From the gocardless documentation I understand that they allow direct debit payments in the Eurozone, Australia, Sweden and the US (and several more countries).

See here for reference:

When I set up a recurring invoice on invoiceninja.com in Australian Dollars, and then look at the an invoice from the client portal, I can see the gocardless payment option. However, the menu asks me to fill out an IBAN and only allows me to choose from European countries for my address.

If the invoice currency doesn’t determine the scheme in gocardless, how can I set it so that Australian and US customers can use it as well?

As a second question, I would like to offer our clients to choose between credit card and gocardless payments, but allow auto-charging for both. Since I can’t set up Stripe next to gocardless, what are my options?
(Sorry for double posting, I already asked this question in an old thread but think it fits here better)

It sounds like it may be supported by GoCardless but not by Invoice Ninja.

Sorry, it isn’t supported. The app doesn’t support adding Stripe and GoCardless, we plan to support this in v2 but don’t yet have an ETA.