Give created client a VAT tax rate for zapier automation


I’m from Europe, and here we have to give a specific VAT, depending

  • If it’a company from another country, the VAT will be 0% (It has to be specifically written)
  • If it’s a customer or a company from the country, It will be 17%.

From now I added the correct VAT info manualy on every invoice. But since I want to automate my invoicing with zapier, Invoice Ninja needs to know which VAT amount use. Right ?

Note that in zapier i get multiple strange Invoice Ninja fields :
Data Tax Id,
Data Tax Rate 1, 2 and 3
Data tax Name 1, 2 and 3.
No idea what this is, I don’t see what these fields refer to. I don’t see anything like this in Invoice Ninja.

So, here is my question : Would there be a way to link a default VAT billing type when I create any client ? For exemple :
This client is a customer, I say my preferred VAT will be 17%, every invoice for him will be 17% TAX prefilled.
this one is a company from Belgium, then I can say it will be 0% for every invoice, unless I change it ?

To be honest, I don’t get how anyone in Europe is capable of automate anything on Zapier without this option. Right now, invoices are sent without vat taxes, which is illegal.
I suppose I’m missing something.

Thanks in advance for guidance !


One option may be to create two separate groups with different default tax rates.

Hello, thanks for your response.
That works when the client is already in a group… but sometimes Zapier has to create clients. And there, I don’t see how to make zapier create Client and add them to a group.
Or is there a way to pre-fill every new client in a default group in Invoice Ninja ?

Sorry, that isn’t supported.

Thanks, that’s noted.
Then, is there a way for every invoice I create to have the default tva included in the invoice ? That’s another thing I don’t get : What is the point of having a Default VAT in the taxes setting ? It’s use should be to, by default (hence the label) used in invoices, no ? What am I missing ?
And, now that I think about it, wasn’t that the case in the V4 ?

Just to be sure, I’m talking about the “default VAT rate” → “Taux de taxe par défaut” in that screenshot.
(oh, and pardon my french :smiley: )

@david any thoughts on this? I believe the API should set the default tax rates.


The front ends currently set the default tax rates.

The API never forces a default as this would break the UI/API relationship.

ie. default is set in the settings.
User creates an invoice in the UI and the taxes are set there.
User removes the taxes from the UI and then saves.
The api would then override and inject the taxes again which would be incorrect1.


Agreed, I’m not suggesting we make it a required field.

With the following request the API can apply the defaults without affecting the frontends.

curl -X POST '' \
-H "Content-Type:application/json" \
-d '{"client_id":"4QbYZ43Kdz"}' \
-H "X-API-TOKEN: ..." \
-H "X-API-SECRET:password" \
-H "X-Requested-With: XMLHttpRequest"

Note: the defaults should only be applied when creating the invoice, not when updating it.


Understood, there is no logic enabling this currently.

Just to be sure I get it :

Does that mean that you’ll be someday updating your API, and then the default VAT will be integrated in the invoices (the same way than with the UI interface),
or does that mean that I have to manually add something (wayyyyy over my head :smiley: ) in my zapier workflow ?

and about :"note: the defaults should only be applied when creating the invoice, not when updating it." : Are you talking about requests in the style of zapier ? I suppose it is another issue, but through zapier, I’m only able to find or create invoices, I don’t see any way to update existing invoices. And from what you’re saying, I may be wrong ?

Please create an issue on GitHub and we’ll keep this change in mind for a future release.

I was referring to David’s example above: “User removes the taxes from the UI and then saves.”

Ok, I get it now, thanks.

Last question : in github, is it supposed to be recorded as a bug, or as a feature request ?

Once the issue is created it will be tagged by a developer.

Done : Issue #9083 for the default VAT rate
And since I was motivated, I created the #9084, hoping that some day, the group field will be accessible through Zapier as well. :slight_smile:

I wish you all a great end of year !