German Translation

Hi there,

i found several non / wrong translated strings in the Software, and i would like to work on the translation.

Where can i find the language file / table?

How can i give my work back to the developers/users?

Regards Java-Jim


That would be great, thanks!

The translations are maintained here:

Great, i will work on it. I registered an free 14day Transifex account…
Translated nearly all untranslated german entries.
How can i update this language file to my installation?

The language files are updated with (most) new releases

Is it possible to download the texts.php from Transifex and save it under ./ressources/lang/de/?
I can not find a download link at Transifex…

Sorry, I’m not sure if they support it

It is possiblie, after complete the account activation. There is a link “Download for use”.
I put the texts.php file to ./ressources/lang/de, did php artisan optimize, opened url with /?clear_cache=true#/, but the translations did not arrive in the application. What can be done?

Where can i translate the client portal?

All texts are managed in Transifex

In the same texts.php file? I searched for text expressions found in the client portal, but they don’t appear in Transifex.
Maybe not all strings in the Client portal are fully set up for language switch?
Most strings are fine but something like “Showing 1 to 1 out of 1 results”, “No results found.”, “Per Page” or the Page Client Information “Update your personal information” aren’t translated.
As this is the face to the customer, this should be fully translateable.

Understood, we’ll look into it…

cc @ben

Thank you very much!

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Hey there. Thanks for reporting this, we’re internally having a discussion on how-to handle this. I’ll update you here once we conclude it.


Hi ben,

i got the newest release and downloaded the texts.php from transifex. Many strings aren´t translated although the are defined -> ‘task_settings’ => ‘Aufgaben Einstellungen’ but the Frontend shows “Task Settings”.

That’s totally weird. The only behaviour that is known to me, if the translation doesn’t exist for one language, it may fallback to English.

What’s the language you’re trying to use & where do you see that text?

I translated over 300 strings to german and “Task setting”, “Expense setting”, “Start tasks before saving” … were some of them. So i am confused, the strings are all correctly saved in the de language file.

The admin portal needs to be rebuilt for the language files to be updated

ok, but which command “npm install”, “composer update”, “php artisan optimize” ?

As mentioned previously I suggest waiting for next release, if you want to try to build it the code is here. Note: you’d need to update lib/utils/i18n.dart.