Georgian Unicode issue v4.5.19

I am from Georgia and our Language is Georgian, KA Qwerty Unicode.

when i try to write something in Georgian it is not visible in the PDF File,
How to decide this challenge?

English: Hello InvoiceNinja
Georgian: გამარჯობა ინვოის ნინძა

App Version: v4.5.19
Server OS: Linux 4.14.94-164.ELK.el7.x86_64
PHP Version: 7.2.32
MySQL Version: 5.7.23-23

Disclaimer: I’m just a user and have no insight into the development process itself.

It’s not an issue with Invoice Ninja itself, so much as the included fonts don’t support the proper Unicode characters. There’s a similar issue with Thai script.

While it should TECHNICALLY be possible to manually install a font and add it to the database, I’ve never been able to get that method to work. Invoice Ninja sees the font and allows me to select it just fine, but PhantomJS (the back-end they use in 4.x.x to create PDF files) just doesn’t seem to want to render the text at all.

As far as I’m aware, they’ve done away with PhantomJS entirely in the 5.0 branch. After a quick test on the demo site, it does appear to render Georgian characters properly in 5.0.13. However as that version is still in beta, I wouldn’t try to migrate over to it just yet.

If you try to edit the database manually, you may have more luck than I did, but just be aware that it always carries the risk of making matters worse. From my personal experience, PhantomJS seems to be the problem in that it just can’t handle Unicode characters other than Chinese or Japanese.

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Hi @titanfail Thanks for detailed answer.

i am not good at developing. sure you are right this issue is with rendering PDF, but i dont know how change DB

I check it in v5 DEMO and looks it working good with Georgian,

looks better to wait Stable release of V5