Generate PDF locally

Hi…I m.using shared hosting and all works like charm…But one challenge I m facing the pdf generation of invoice take 4 to 5 mts some time…I believe since it’s using phantom js from cloud it’s dmay depend other factors like connectivity etc…Is any option available to generate pdf localy ?


There are two options to improve the performance:

  • The best choice is to use SnapPDF with Headless Chrome to generate the PDF locally, not all web severs support this
  • Another option for white label users is to use the hosted PDF option we provide, it should be faster than PhantomJS

Thanks for the update…I had hosted now on a shared hosting which installed through softaculous…If I opt for white labeling with manual fee, do I need to redo the installation with different build or something has to do on existing installation with out disturbing existing data and setup…?Pla clarify how it works.