Gateway Fees displayed but not be charged

I have configured everything under the online payments with the fees for stripe.

When i click on the button to pay invoice it shows the gateway fees with the information icon, however when i get to the card detils screen it comes up without the gateway fees and only the standard invoice price.

Currently using a self host 4.5.11
Only error in the log is a client’s trying to pay with incorrect security code, This payment is what highlighted to me of the issue as for a $39 invoice client was charged $39 instead of $39.92.

Not sure, are you able to reproduce the problem?

Yes i have reproduced the problem with another invoice. I will PM the details

Details emails via web support

Issue was resolved with a complete reinstall.

Glad to hear it’s working! Not sure what the problem could have been.

I’m having the same issue, self host 4.5.11. I just updated to 4.5.13 and problem continues.

The Pay Now button/dropdown shows the correct fees, however after clicking the link the payment amount doesn’t include the fees.

I’d prefer not to reinstall like the previous post.

I’ve tracked it down to LOCK_SENT_INVOICES. If this is set to TRUE gateway fees are not being applied. I’ll open an issue on GitHub for this.