Gateway fee calculation issue

Where is that extra 27 cents coming from?

Does the invoice already have a fee? Maybe it’s related to this issue.

Yes the invoice already has the fee. It happens if you first click on credit card payment method and then cancel and go back to the list of invoices in client portal and then open that same invoice again.

I’m not sure if it’s related to that issue on github. My fee set up did not include the fixed flat 0.30 fee, only the percentage based 3%. So it may or may not be related.

I think it’s the same problem. You can fix the fee in the button by removing the fee from the invoice.

In the next version we’ll hide the fee amount in the button it it’s already been applied to the invoice.

I think it would be better to fix the issue rather than remove it from the button.

Agreed, however our implementation makes it difficult.

I think this is a reasonable short term fix, we can revisit it in the future if needed.