Function Questions from a Beginner

Hi, I have a little IT-Business (IT-Services / Server Administration / Helpdesk) and I am looking for a tool to simplify topics like invoicing and time tracking. Yesterday I started to test Invoice Ninja and collected a couple of questions…

  1. In Products I created items for my hourly rates like (Onsite,Onsite weekend, Remote-Support, Remote-Support weekend) and whenever I start a new Task I want to choose this category and not in the end on the invoice
  2. I dont want to have all the tasks directly on the invoice (it’s just to much content) so I would prefer to send and attachment with the invoice where all the positions are viewable
  3. When I have expenses I need two more field like purchasing price and selling price)
  4. When writing an invoice for a client I want to be able to select Tasks and Expenses at once
  5. I need a report like show me all tasks which hat not been yet invoiced
  6. How can I change the smtp settings in order to send E-Mails through our mail system?
  7. Is it possible to change the dashboard items?




  1. Sorry, it isn’t currently supported. Using the app you would need to select it when invoicing the task. We’ll keep it in mind for the future
  2. The app supports attaching documents to the invoice
  3. Maybe you can use custom expense fields
  4. This will be supported in next version (, in v4 you can add a task or expense to an invoice by first setting the client and then clicking ‘More action’
  5. Maybe you can use tasks report and filter it
  6. This is only supported with the selfhost version
  7. You would need to selfhost and modify the code