from email for different companies?

I see where the from email address and SMTP settings are used when sending an email. I thought each company would be able to send from its own email address. I see where I can add a new function to get new $vars to allow me to replace smtp settings when company X is sending emails. But thought I would check and see if you have something already for this?

So I am looking for each company to have separate SMTP and from email address that will be used instead of the first company settings.

Thanks again.

The app currently requires that a single SMTP account is used by all companies.

The from name and reply to are set based on the user/company sending the email.

If you want to deal with the hassle, you may be able to workaround it using multiple installations of the app.

I might try to write a function and a table to hold SMTP table to support different companies. Doesn’t look like it would be that hard. Just need to add an SMTP menu in the company area to set. If it works well I will send a patch if you want to use.

Because of domainkeys and SPF most of the emails coming from sub companies will get caught in SPAM or rejected. So figured it would be better to make sure it comes from a valid email a customer would know. For now I will do a second load for our subsidiary, while I code the changes in a test bed.

Thanks again