"From" Email address

I want to change the “From” email address from user@domain to billing@domain. I am using the Microsoft connector signed in with a user that can send as billing, but I can’t find where I can change this setting. The reply-to email address is working as expected, directing the user to billing@domain.

I have the Company Details email address set as billing@domain.

Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere. All I can find are things related to the Self-Hosted versions.

Thank you for your time.


To prevent being flagged as spam the from address needs to match the sending email address, I believe you’d need to disconnect the user@domain email on Settings > User Details and then connect the billing@domain email.

Thank you for the quick reply, @hillel. That would be correct if the user didn’t have Send As rights for the billing@domain (this is an email distribution group), which this user does.

Nonetheless, I created a new user with the email address billing@domain hoping this would achieve what I wanted. So I disconnected the Microsoft account within Invoice Ninja for user@domain, and it told me it was successful. However, when I went to the new account billing@domain and tried connecting it to Microsoft, it gave me an error “400: This email is already linked to an account” If I log back in with the user@domain, it shows that Microsoft is still connected.

Would this workaround work? If it would, how do I disconnect from Microsoft?

Is Invoice Ninja using the user’s email address or the Microsoft email address you use to sign in?

Thank you.

It may help to change the email address on Settings > User Details to the new email before re-connecting to Microsoft.

So I couldn’t get disconnected from Microsoft. So I thought I would try and just change the user’s email address, which worked. Now, Invoice Ninja is trying to send out the email through billing@domain, but it errors with the following:

System failed to email invoice Test - 02
Client error: "POST https://graph.microsoft.com/v1.0/users/billing@domain/sendmail
resulted in a '403 Forbidden' response:
("error": ("code". "ErrorGrouplsUsedInNonGroupURI","message":"Group Shard is used in non-Groups URI.")
September 15, 2022 15:54 •

Is there a way around to get around this?



This looks like an error with the users permissions to be able to send at all?

Thanks for the response, @david, but this user can send and receive without issues. I have multiple places I’ve used this account, and they are all working fine. Granted, these other places use generic SMTP setups with a field to specify the “From” address.

I misspoke earlier, and I think it would make a difference. billing@domain used to be an email distribution list but was upgraded to a Microsoft 365 group.

The error that is received when using an email distribution list is:

System failed to email invoice Test - 02 Deleted
Client error: 'POST https://graph.microsoft.com/v1.0/
resulted in a '404 Not Found' response:
{"error": ("code": "MailboxNotEnabledForRESTAPl"'"mes
sage", "The mailbox is either inactive, soft-deleted, or is
hosted on-premise.""innerError".:
{"date":2022-09-15T20:34:54" "request-
id". "Obfba54b-95e9-40f3-8207-4bf285704150" "client
id": "Obfba54b-95e9-40f3-8207-4bf285704150"}}}

Not sure if this helps to be honest, but I wanted to provide the correct information.