Freshbooks import: random VAT values and Partial status

Hi Everybody,

New use here. I am currently trying to import my data over from Freshbooks using the freshbooks option. Once the import is complete it leaves me with a lot of unpaid/partial invoices. When I look at a selection of them, it seems to be because of different reasons but the most common one is the VAT TAX amount. I end up with random VAT values e.g 1.3334 % 2.9% 70%. Even when I correct the amount I end up with a recalculation that makes little sense. I have other invoices that have a status of partial but the amount due is 0.00.

I ran the check data script but it tells me there are no issues.

Is this an issue with the CSV exported from Freshbooks, or am I doing something wrong.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




Do you have any default taxes enabled?

@david do you have any thoughts to debug this?

Hi Hillel, thanks for the reply, I have tried, both with and without. Ive been going through and manually correcting where I can. Just noticed I have a bunch of random dates as well. all ending in 1970. Im just hoping that going forward there will be no issues and its down to the way freshbook had exported the data.

A date around 1970 usually implies a blank date or a date which the app wasn’t able to parse.

I believe there was an issue in the import which was causing any numbers with comma’s to be imported incorrectly. I’ve checked in a fix which will be available in the next release.