forum problem:

No matter what I do, I can not get blockquote to work when I reply to forum posts.

Here’s a test of blockquote in a new post:

This sentence should display as a blockquoted element.


Edit: yep, as expected, the

tags don’t seem to affect anything (visually, at least).
In this instance I am viewing/editing on Firefox 52.9.0 ESR

Try a back-tick ` at the top and bottom


OK, next line is a blockquote

this is a blockquote

I was wrong about using 3, you just need one on the first and last lines.


The backticks work.

Can you change the “b-quote” button to insert backticks instead of <blockquote>?

Not sure but it looks like the ‘Code’ button works correctly.

Yes, I have successfully used the code button a number of times.

Ok, thanks for the feedback! We’ll look into correcting it.

I was wrong about using 3, you just need one on the first and last lines.

Blockquote and code should look a bit different, shouldn’t they?

A single tick would be for code

Let’s see how these look . . .

Note how the blockquote has lines extending from each side.

Meanwhile, items market “Code” just have a “simple” bounding box . . .

Thanks Hillel!

three tick test
two tick test

multi-line three tick test<code></code>

If you look at my post immediately above this one you will see that a “clean” multi-line “bounding box” blockquote does not seem possible at the present.

I don’t know whether that is something you can improve or whether you need to forward that to your forum software developer . . .

Thanks in advance!

Thanks, we’ve forwarded this issue to the developer who set it up.