Formidable Pro and ZapierHello I have purchased the pro version of Invoice Ninj


I have purchased the pro version of Invoice Ninja to try the Zapier integration with Formidable Pro Wordpress plugin.

So that the customer doesn’t have to leave Wordpress, I’m wanting to take payment through Formidable and then create a paid invoice within Invoice Ninja for the customer to be able to download (and could be emailed to them). However, this doesn’t seem possible?

Alternatively, I would be happy taking the payment in Invoice Ninja but would there be a way automatically redirecting the customer to the invoice for payment rather than them having to wait for the email to arrive? Formidable can create URL’s from any information captured from the form.

Otherwise, I fear Invoice Ninja Pro is not going to work for me.

Many thanks


What issues are you having creating the invoice through Zapier, maybe we can help?

I’m not sure I understand your second approach, could you please provide more details. Where would you be redirecting the customer from?


I can create an invoice using Zapier after a formidable form is submitted successfully. However, I would like that invoice to be marked as paid because the customer has already paid before submission by the formidable pro stripe / Paypal add-on.

The only thing Zapier can do as I see it is to create an invoice ready for payment.

Or, is it possible to create an invoice and have it marked as paid?

Many thanks


Thanks, understood.

In order to mark an invoice as paid a payment needs to be entered however that isn’t yet supported through Zapier.

I’m looking into adding a ‘New Payment’ action in Zapier which you may be able to use with a ‘New Invoice’ trigger to automatically mark the invoice as paid.

Down the road we’ll look into add a ‘Mark as paid’ option when initially creating the invoice. You can track the work here:

I’ve just deployed the new Zapier action, let us know if you run into any problems.

Wow thank you, that was fast!

Ask and thouh shall receive and all that!

Will test and let you know.

Many thanks


The app’s API supported it, the functionality was just missing from Zapier which is a quicker fix.

Hope it works for you…

Sorry, just to clarify, your reply suggests that the fix has actually been implemented in Zapier but I assume you mean it’s just in your “to do” list and will be implemented some time in the future? Or, am I wrong and I could go to Zapier now and it would work (which I tried and no new options were visible hence the question)?

Many thanks


You should now be able to create a new zap which creates a payment when an invoice is created.

Okay, I see it now thanks.

Just testing and hopefully final question.

I’ve made a zap which:

Step 1: after form submission, create invoice
Step 2: after create invoice, create payment.

In create payment it’s asking for “invoice_id”. In the list of options from the previous step (creating invoice), there are a number of “ID’s”. Which would be correct please?

Screenshot of options

Screenshot 2

I have to go out now but will carry on upon my return.

Many thanks for all your help, genuinely appreciated!

Many thanks


Try choosing ‘Data ID’

Just as a quick update, from my initial basic tests, that ID has appeared to work. An invoice is created and the payment is added effectively marking the invoice as paid.


Many thanks


Great to hear, thanks for letting us know!