Forced to version 5 today how do I get back to v4?

I did a test migration from v4 to 5 a few months ago but then decided to hang on to v4 as long as I could since v5 still seemed to need to work. I also didn’t want to have to rework my connections to the API and such.

This morning, I tried to login to v4 (Hosted/Premium) and I was forced to V5 with data that’s several month’s old.

How do I get back to v4 which has my current data?

Am I no longer able to use v4?

If I’m being forced to v5, how can I kill the old data set that’s in v5 right now and pull the up to date data in v4 back into v5?

This is kind of messy to say the least and I need to apply a payment in v4 because I have an unreasonable customer who is upset because her payment she made to us isn’t showing up (she paid us manually, not an invoice ninja issue).

Thank You

I found the v4 link on the main Invoice Ninja page. I am going to work through re-migrating my latest data to v5 and see if I can figure out the rest.

v4 has a number of issues that don’t seem to be getting fixed so, I guess it’s a toss up which version I will have more trouble with right now. I have customers who can’t ever login on v4, automated WePay payments via the API just quit working several month’s ago so I have to go into every account, login to the customer portal and manually pay every customer’s invoice using their card on file. This is a LOT of work. Customer’s cards on file just randomly disappear, they say they don’t even know how to delete it. I have to constantly call customers and ask them for their card number and re-enter it.

Hoping v5 fixes these issues and a few others I’m experiencing but, I also assume my whole invoicing system automation through the API will now be useless and have to be re-written before the next month’s billing run. Ugg…

I think I’m good now, got everything showing up in v5 now except for credits. It’s not a huge deal for me because I only have one customer that had one credit for 10 cents. Might be and issue for others though I guess so I thought I would mention it.

Not sure what I’m gonna run into, hopefully it’s smooth. About to go see how broke my API calls are from my servers to the v5 API and see if can fix them, otherwise I’m gonna be doing all my bills by hand next month…

Just to clarify, we are not at the stage yet of forcing anyone over to v5.

We do have a plan to start migrating users but will give lots of notice.

When I logged into v4 this morning, I got a message that said something like “There is a new version of the app, reload to get the new app with no other option”. I reloaded and was taken to v5. THIS… Was what set all this in motion for me today as I assumed this meant that I was forced to v5.

I logged into the same v4 URL I always do, I know that because I just click on a bookmark I have in Google Chrome.