Fonts in template Clean don't work

Hello, something strange is happening to me. by default in the clean template there are the arvo and roboto fonts, when viewing the pdf, it works fine, when I download it everything appears with the Liberations Sans font.

This happened to me when I switched to White Label.

Does anyone have an idea if any adjustments need to be made?

Thank You!

@david @ben any ideas?

Might there be a firewall in the way blocking access to (Google’s?) font servers?

I disabled ADGuard and VPN. I still get the Liberation Sans font. I tried two other invoices and they came out perfect. It is one of them that does not take the font. I deleted it, cloned one that prints correctly and it comes out the same with Liberation Sans. I checked the 3 invoices and they are all the same, only change some internal data of products etc, but it is the same customer, same template. Now I find this problem even more strange.