Font sizes on header and footer?

I have a lengthy terms and conditions in my footer and I would like to print it in a fairly small font (not to be deceptive) so that it doesn’t always end up half on a page by itself. How can I set the font size for just the footer? If it’s not easily done maybe it could be added as a feature request.

It’s possible using a custom design.

On the ‘Footer’ tab change from ‘Form’ to ‘Code’ and then change:

      "alignment": "left"


      "alignment": "left",
      "fontSize": 8

Dosn’t work for me :frowning:
Any more ideas?

I’m not sure, this worked in my test

My solution, change the order, like that:

  "columns": [
      "text": "$invoiceFooter",
      "fontSize": 6,
      "alignment": "left"

Glad to hear it’s working!