Follow-up emails for late payments

I can’t seem to find any reference to this, so I’m not sure whether or not it’s a feature of InvoiceNinja… but what happens when an invoice hasn’t been paid by the time the time the terms are up? Does a follow-up email get sent? Do I get notified?

Just curious!


If you set your invoice with a “due date,” it will pop up in your dashboard - first as “upcoming invoice,” and then later as “invoices past due.” We don’t have an auto-reminder for reminder emails for invoices past due, but it’s in the pipeline for development.


Thanks so much for the fast reply, Shalom.

When I log in and see that an invoice is now past due (and appears in the “Invoices Past Due” section of my dashboard), are there any actions I can take on that invoice? Can I resend it or trigger any kind of reminder email? Or do I just need to handle that outside of InvoiceNinja?


You can click the invoice # to open the invoice and email it to your client, absolutely! I do this all the time for past due invoices, I use the dashboard as my tool to see who is late paying and re-email them out.


Thanks, again, Shalom. Sounds great! InvoiceNinja looks more and more like the solution for me!

Really appreciate your help!

  • John