Flutter vs React

I’m a tad confused why there are two different UIs, in Flutter and React, and can’t seem to find any comprehensive information regarding that topic.

What’s the reason these two system are running besides one another? Are there (for the user) and advantages/disadvantages between these two? Will one of them be discontinued in the future in favor of the “newer” one?


The React app provides the best web experience whereas the Flutter app can be run as a desktop and mobile app. The Flutter app has been in development for longer, we’re working to get the React app fully caught up with all features.


So can we expect for the React app to be put to rest once the React version has caught up on all of the features?
I can only image that developing/supporting two different UIs results in quite a bit of overhead.

Once the React app is caught up with the Flutter app we’ll make it the default web app. We’ll continue to use Flutter for desktop/mobile though.