Flutter & React App - Currency Symbol, Expenses Information & Convert Currency Issues


Issue 1
In the React application, the charts do not update their costs properly in the Total Revenue header and the Total Outstanding header, and make the chart look very daft. Switching to Flutter makes it work fine.

Issue 2
In the React application, go to the expenses tab along the left and change the Currency other than your main one (In this case I am using Dollars)

The $25 one should be in Euros not Dollars even though it’s set on the expense as Euros.

Issue 3
Thirdly, in both the Flutter and React app, turning off the “Convert currency” button after turning it on isn’t permanent after clicking save then going back in it, it stays on.


Thanks for reporting these issues!

cc @david @ben

We are reworking the dashboard currently. There are a couple of issues with the underlying queries here. These will all be corrected when we release the dashboard.

The currency issue is fixed, and available i the next release.